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Monday, November 23, 2009

November 23, 2009

Good morning from the Float House in Discovery Harbour Marina

The November storms have been living up to their name over the past few weeks and our Float house has been a'rocking! With record setting snowfall on the mountains and lots of wind and rain, it has not been a time to be out on the water looking for wildlife. Yesterday however in a brief interlude between storms, we had a visit from a group of Transient Orca (mammal hunting). Originally heading south past Campbell River, they turned and began to forage near the mouth of the River. One large male and 3 to 4 smaller fins were seen but I was not able to ID who they were. No visual signs of a kill but they foraged for about 5 minutes and then continued south.

Over the past few weeks we have had a number of Resident Orca (fish eating) in Johnstone Strait feeding on the few remaining Chum salmon in the area. The A36's and A30"s have been the most dominant groups but we did have a "G" Clan group in for a few days.
*Thanks to Jarred from "NIMSA" who braves the wind and rain to give us details of the Orca north of Campbell River.

Hoping you are all well and starting to think about Xmas shopping!

As for us, we are admiring the sheer power of these Pacific storms and trying to stay dry!


Hurricane Jack
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