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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

February 13, 2010

Good morning from the Float House in Discovery Harbour Marina

A bit of interesting news. On January 23rd J pod (Southern Resident Orca) made an unexpected visit to Johnstone Strait. A recording of their calls was made and we asked John Ford from the Naniamo Research Station to confirm who it was.

Susan Berta of Orca Network Sightings that they had the "J"s in the Victoria area on Jan. 3 & 4th but then not again until J1 showed up alone at the end of Jan. For a few days they were very worried about the rest of the clan but then the rest of J's showed up Jan. 29th!

The Southern Resident Orca have used Johnstone Strait area in the past but it was primarily the "K"s and "L"s. This visit from the "J" Clan is quite unique. The "J"s often travel south to the California area that this time of the year!

Photo attached: this is one of theSouthern Resident group heading south through Seymour Narrows near Campbell River in June of 2008. Notice the "open" saddle patch marking at the base of the dorsal fin. This is characteristic of "Southern" Orca and rarely seen in Northern Orca.

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